Pool Construction Phases

Backyard Specialties Pools & Spas in Amarillo Texas is consistently recognized for our superior level of swimming pool and spa construction. We also provide swimming pool construction in the TEXAS PANHANDLE Below, we have listed the phases of your NEW swimming pool construction.


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1. Swimming Pool Design
Let Backyard Specialties design your next dream-pool for FREE. Every client receives before we begin construction. These masterfully created plans allow you to see all the elements of your pool design as they integrate to your home and backyard. At this phase, you can make revisions and improvements as necessary. Upon approval of your design, we use this layout to create detailed construction plans and we begin the layout process to your new pool.
2. Layout
In the layout phase, we take the dimensions of the pool design & construction plans, and lay it out onto your yard. This allows you to see the outlines of the actual size and shape of the pool and make any changes to the size, shape and location of the pool before we actually break ground.
3. Excavation
Once the layout phase is complete, we use a backhoe or small excavator for excavation for your swimming pool and spa. We excavate to your pool to exact measurements and specifications. We are now ready for forms plumbing and re-bar.
4. Forms and Re-bar
We use wood forms and re-bar to create the detail and exact shape for your design. Together the forms and re-bar create the framework and high structural integrity of your pool.
5. Electrical and Plumbing
In this phase we install all the electrical and plumbing lines. The plumbing is put under pressure and inspected. The electrical is installed per required for Amarillo city and the state of TEXAS codes.
6. Gunite
In this phase we apply the gunite using high-pressure hoses to create the inner shell of your new pool. Once the gunite is applied, you will have a very good idea of how your new swimming pool and spa will look!
7. Tile, Masonry, Stone
Tile work that makes your pool look spectacular. This is where your water features come to life. Like the Rico Rock waterfalls or natural stones you will select different boulder types, and sizes to create waterfalls, grottoes, and jumping rocks the unique design aspects of your pool.
8. Decking and Patios
This is the patio area around your pool. Once the concrete is placed, you have options as to the finished surface. Sundeck, textured, stamped concrete, stained concrete, and custom flagstone are just a few options. Next we install your outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, fountains, summer kitchens and more.
9. Plaster
Applying the plaster becomes the final finish to the interior of the pool. Your pool is now water tight. There are many products and colors available. Your plaster is applied to the gunite and is troweled by hand to ensure a beautiful finish and filled with water so the plaster cures under water.
10. Pool School
In this phase we provide a pool school to educate you about the initial start-up and maintenance of your pool. Backyard Specialties Pools & Spas is available for any questions you may have in the future

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